Carol Stream Police Department

"A Dying Declaration"


I worked hard for you
Put in mornings, days, and nights
For this was the job I was born to do
I'm a sworn Police Officer through and through

I wore my shield proudly upon my chest
Holstered my weapon
Shined my boots
And tightly secured my vest

The hours were long and
The paychecks small
But for the friends I have made
I would change nothing at all

I never changed the world
Now we both know this is true
But I never thought this would happen Lord
I was one of the brave in blue

I lay here
For the first time the sirens sound so loud
How can this be happening Lord
I served my country proud

I worked hard for you
How could this be
I wasn't suppose to go like this
He shouldn't of got the drop on me

When you fold my flag
And hand it to my wife
Tell her I died heroically
Tell her I lived a good life

I always upheld the law
Acted fairly without prejudice
But now as I go Lord
I ask that you promise me this

Tell my girl her daddy is proud
Allow her to reach the top
So I can rest peacefully
Knowing she never became a cop


Peter Spizzirri

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © January 2002 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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