Washington State Patrol

"A River Wide and Deep"


In shirts of blue in the dark of night

They roll to wrecks and danger

Before the aid car arrives on scene

They comfort injured strangers


Troopers are the idol of children who dream

Of one day driving a white troop car

Kids want to be like the troop with a car so white it gleams

But how things look in life is not the way things are


A trooper rolls to things that most never want to see

It’s a blue shirt first at every crash and every kind of scene

It’s the broken glass and crumpled metal and bad fatalities

And a uniform dirty and wet, far far from clean.


A trooper with a few years on

Has seen the best and the worst in people

And the number of friends the trooper trusts

Dwindles down to digits single.


Oh, lots of people talk and brag

That they are going to become a trooper

But when the chance is on the table,

They choose to be a plumber.


There are a few, a vital few,

Who wear the badge and live the life.

Who work the nights and weekends too

And don’t complain though the cost is high.


There are those that talk and those that do

A river is wide and deep between the two.

Lots of troopers pay the price

And proudly wear the shirt of blue.





Tom Brosman

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © January 2006 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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