"A Single Shot"  


Officer Michael Ceriale

~ Shot in the line of duty ~
August 15, 1998 and died on A
ugust 21, 1998
Chicago Police Department

Officer Michael Ceriale - Chicago Police Department

It doesn't take much,
to take someone down.
Just a single bullet, that can bounce around.

A vest or not,
the bullet will find a way.
On any kind of night,
it can take someone away.

The bulletin was heard,
and every officer knew,
the one they called their own
had just left the team in blue.

Everyone knew,
this day could come.
and now everyone is left
feeling helpless and numb.

The killer is in jail,
but how little it eases the pain.
Because a mother and father,
know things will never be the same.

He was one of many
who answered the late night calls,
and now he will be one of many,
who's name is left on Washington walls.

Written by

Kayhla Brown

Baltimore (MD) Police Department

"I didn't know Officer Ceriale personally, but I stood in prayer
with his family, friends, and colleagues when I learned of his injuries.
He, like all the rest of the fine officers who have paid the ultimate
sacrifice, was my brother-in-law (enforcement).

May God protect and keep all of us as
we go about our daily sworn duties."

Special Agent Darin L. Paul
Federal Bureau of Investigation, IL

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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