"Angel In Blue"   

a fallen hero
an angel in blue
strong and brave
his heart ever true

He vowed to protect
no matter the pain
men women and children
in sunshine and rain

His badge was more
than a shining pin
it was honesty, sacrifice
glowing from within

He gave of his time
his love and his life
adored his children
worshipped his wife

Never counting the cost
he never gave up hope
even when all seem lost
between guns and dope

his time on the streets
came to an end
now he was leading
the men from within

as chief of police
upon his officers impressed
the importance of
giving their best

his time in office
came to a close
now he and his bride
retirement chose

with kids grown and gone
they now had the time
to serve up tequila
with salt and lime

a gun blast rang out
his chest felt tight
he was fading fast
losing his fight

as his life slipped away
an angel appeared
"your time here is over
you've served many years

it's time to come home
we here have need of you
you won't be forgotten
you're an angel in blue.

Written By:

Cynthia L. Lefebvre

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1998 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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