Hendersonville Police Department

"Aron's Paradise"

Metro Nashville Police Department

In Honor of: Officer Aron
K-9 Division ~ Officer Aron, Nashville K-9
Hendersonville Police Department
And Dedicated to: Officer Terry Burnett
Nashville Police Department

These words are dedicated to Officer Terry Burnett (K-9 Division in
Nashville, Tennessee) in memory of your loyal friend and partner Aron.
His act of heroism will never be forgotten. Aron was living proof that
We All have a reason for being here no matter who or what we are.

God Bless You Both.

( K-9 Officer Aron was killed protecting Officer Burnett in 1998 )

When you were born you didn't know how special you would be
God picked you out from all the rest and formed your destiny
He gave you strength and courage yet he added something more
A love so strong to guard the one that you were living for

I knew that you were different from the moment that we met
You've touched my heart in such a way I never will forget
And we adjusted very well as it was meant to be
I put my faith and trust in you and you put yours in me

You tried so hard to help me make this world a better place
Although you had to see it from a different kind of face
But now I have a second job I don't know how to do
To find forgiveness for the man who hurt both me and you

Your mission was to save my life but on that fatal day
I didn't feel so worthy as I watched you slip away
How hard it must have been for God to do what he must do
And when it causes so much pain I'm sure he's hurting too

You'll always be the greatest friend this man has ever known
You've stood by me through everything so I was not alone
But it was you who taught me what I never knew before
A friend that walks on two legs can't compare to one on four

Yes part of you will stay with me as part of me's with you
So if I start to cry sometimes I'm crying now for two
For all of my tomorrow's I'll be thankful I can say
"Because of Aron, I can wear my uniform today"

And Aron they'll remember you whenever they see me
Your name will always be a part of Nashville's History
So now my canine partner there's one thing I have to do
It breaks my heart to know that I must say good-bye to you

You've given up your life for mine and with these tears I pray
"Please Rest In Peace for you have made policemen proud today"
Your mission here is over now and for your sacrifice"
I know God has a special place called "Aron's Paradise"


Freda H. Babinski

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © June 6, 1998 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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