"Beyond the Call of Duty"

The night was quiet we were patrolling along
not much happening, listening to some songs
The call came in we weren't too far
We hit the lights and passed the cars
Flying to the scene of a wreck
some kids were trapped
it was a mess

We were almost on the scene
another call came thru
The car was on fire
what could we do
2 girls were trapped
screaming in fear
begging for mercy
for help that was near

Without thought my partner ran down that hill
he grabbed one girl praying it was God's will
the other girl looked with eyes so wide
stretched out her hand begging please don't let me die

Coughing and hurting and praying to God
we saved one girl's life, the other one died
We stood on that hill listening to screams
both of us helpless ... we wanted to cry

To me he is a hero, he gave his all
he risked his life on this one call
It's a bittersweet victory
the saving of ones life
When the cost haunts you
that the other one died.

I look at my partner
I can see it in his eyes
the mirrored reflection of that night
that haunts both of our lives.

To those of you who hate us
who say we pick on you
would you have the strength the guts
to do what we would do??

Do not judge us harshly,
don't cause us anymore pain
we have seen enough to last a lifetime
we don't have more to gain

You say we abuse the system
you call us nasty names
it's just a dramatic game
understand one thing
sometimes it's more than real
I'd gladly take your insults
in exchange for a lifelong deal
No more deaths no tragedies
no children getting beat
make our jobs boring
if it keeps crime off the streets.


Name withheld but known to PolicePoems.com

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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