Blue Angel Crying

It was cold and rainy that winter day,
As you sat letting the water wash over you.
Your head was lifted to the sky seeking,
A reason for the pain that you felt.

The thunder crashing was no comparison,
To the shouting in your mind.
Of eyes turned away and pleas ignored,
The hurt caused by the cruelty of life.

Words spoken with the intent to wound,
Were the least of the worries for you.
The bruising they caused would eventually heal,
Unlike the punishment you unjustly knew.

Your cry for help eventually heard,
I came and found you in the rain.
I saw your body bent and broken,
A testimony of the abuse you endured.

You called me your Blue Angel,
For the concern and tenderness I showed,
As I held you in my arms,
Trying to soothe and comfort you.

Your plea is now a memory I carry,
Strengthened each time I receive a call.
I'll always remember holding you,
Until your pain and suffering were no more.


Randall Beers

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © May 19th, 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

This poem was written with the intent to
increase awareness of Domestic Violence

Little Rock Police Department

This poetry page is shared by two
sites which I have.
My Poetry Site
and my
Domestic Abuse Site.

The Changing Tide Angels in Blue

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