United States Air Force - Security Forces Academy

"Blue Berets"


United States Air Force - Security Forces Academy

We are the blue berets of the Air Force
You know that we will always be there of course

May the sky fall down or the earth open wide
Never fear cause we’ll be by your side

Some see us as gate guards
Others see us sitting like bumps on a log

But when the time comes and you give the call
We will come a running and give it our all

To save your life or the one of your wife
We will be there, right there by your side

We guard everything from Planes to Trains
But our most important job is protecting you

If our base should come over run in the middle of the night
Be guaranteed that we will put up one helluva fight.

Many of our own have paid the price overseas
But more have paid the ultimate price protecting the peace

Some from traffic stops others just murdered,
But no matter how they died be sure that they died for you and for me

So when you visit that Memorial in Washington,
Keep in mind the SPs that are there too

They died for me and they died for you.


SrA David Heptinstall, 6 SFS

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 18 June 2002 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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