"The Loss Of Blue Ribbon"  

Idaho State Police

Dedicated to Trooper Linda Huff
Killed in the line of duty on June 17, 1998
Idaho State Police
(Northern District)

You didn't see it coming,
but that's usually the case.
Not even all the training in the World,
could of prepared you for this.

You left the station,
for your reports had been filed.
You were to return to duty,
to wait for the ending of the shift.

You didn't know it,
but your shift would end too soon.
There wasn't even a warning,
for none had ever expected this.

As you walked to your crusier,
shots rang out.
You drew your weapon,
and managed to fire back.

While falling helplessly to the ground,
you radioed for help.
The nine shots in your body,
must have been too much.

Just when you thought the gunshots had stopped,
the gunman walked over,
just to fire...
One More Shot.

A killer is wounded.
An officer is dead.
The murderer will live,
While a family must pay.

Written by
Kayhla Brown

Baltimore (MD) Police Department

Copyright © July 1998 - All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without permission

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