"The Badge Shines Bright" 

In Loving Memory of My Dad,
Patrolman Ronald J. Turek,
Killed in the line of duty,
March 27, 1985

Don't worry Dad,
we know how much you loved us!

The badge shines bright
On the shirt of blue.
It takes a strong soul to wear it

A heart that's proud and true.

He says good night to his family
before he walks out the door.
He must go watch the streets,
Yet he does so much more.

In his car, when the call comes,
The lights are flashing blue and red.
He would never hurt his children,
He can't believe what was just said.

With his partner awaiting,
He has to be there, he must answer the call!
The wife is frantic,

"Put the gun down," but the man won't withdraw.

Shots are fired, his partner is hit in the arm,
One more flash is seen, someone must fall.
His partner is there, and so is the man,
and on the ground He lies, giving his all.

He says goodbye to his family,
With the pain in his chest.
The lights are flashing, blue and red,
As he begins his final rest.

Leaving a wife and two children,
Is the hardest thing He would ever do,

How will they live,
What are they going to go through?

Will His children grow old,
will His wife move on?
Will they know how much He loved them,
Now that He is gone?

He was only doing His job,
Trying to help who He could.
It was never known hard it was to be a Cop,
But now His family understood.

On three cheeks, three tears shine bright,
Like rain from a cloud,
It takes three strong souls to shed them,
Saying goodbye from hearts that will always be proud.

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1985 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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