~ Dedicated to our Grandfather ~

Deputy J.D. Davis (1961-1977)

Pittsburg County Sheriff's Department, McAlester, OK
who instilled  "The Thin Blue Line" in Seven Grandsons 
~ From ~
Skip, Mike, Joe, Ronnie, Darrin, Brandon and Jearl

There is a family of brothers
only their cousins in the eyes of others
Each of their hearts beats true
you see they stand the line, the color of blue
They carry a badge and a gun,
chase after criminals when they run

One can sniff out a whiskey still
An Agent for A.B.L.E. is his deal

One wears a shirt of brown
spit and polish right down to the ground
Some say he's got it made
State Trooper is his trade

Another one walks his beat down a prison run
Lord help him, most of the time he can't carry a gun

When your through doin your time
you get to visit another one, Probation and Parole is his line

City police, there's one still takin his turn
that's the training ground where most of us learned

There's no tell'n where we'll be found
maybe at the county court house just hang'n around

Why would we follow a path taken by few?
If we had not taken it, would you?

You might say there was one Old Man that started it all
everyone knew him as Pa
Clever as they come and as tough as a nail
many a criminal he's hauled off to jail

Ther's one last thing I'd like to say
about taking the road our way
It's not easy to explain why we bear the task
and all the pain we try to mask

But I'll tell you true, through it all
we're just answering God's call.

J. Darrin Smith

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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