"Called to give my all"

I am a deputy in a canine crew,
I've been trained to see it through,
When dangers near my ears perk up,
They taught me that as a little pup.

I'm often there to protect your rights,
My presence sometimes hinders fights.
I never attack with thoughts to kill,
When subduing one, my job I fill.

I never worry a single thought,
as to how I'll fare at a certain spot,
The love I have for a handler's care,
is all I need each day to fare.

And if someday my luck turns bad,
I'll relish all the joys I've had,
To be with men who stand for good,
in a special kind of brotherhood.

The story's end by now you know
of how i tried for a better show,
I did my best though I did fall,
When I was called to give my all.

Author Unknown

Poem Compliments of:
K9 Beauty's Pad

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