"The Constable

A Tribute to:
Kim Edward Sagvali Nay, Sr.
Alaska State Trooper

In the farthest North where the air cracks cold,
he roams through the wilds on his lone patrol,
when the law is broken, the story is told,
he shows up ready and he shows up bold.

From his moose hide soles to his sealskin top,
he’s a frontier lawman and a wilderness cop.
The good folks sleep better when he is around,
and the criminals hide ‘til he leaves town.

Respect means trust from those he protects,
respect means fear from those he collects.
And he doesn’t much care if you like him or not,
              if you break the law, then you’ve cast your lot.

So you’d better be good or you’ll go down hard,
‘cause he carries all your rights on a little white card.
Whatever your specialty, be it burglary or rape,
he’ll get your wicked story down on tape.

If he asks you a question, then you’d better not lie,
he can separate the clean from the dirty in your eye.
If you cuss him he’ll smile, but you’d better smile too,
or your justice will be swifter than the judge’s usually do.

And if you decide to fight him, you’d better bring a friend,
‘cause he’ll chew you up and he’ll spit you out again,
and he’ll drag your carcass to the nearest jail
where the water is thin and the bread is stale.

When he comes to the city, if you’re lucky you can see
him out on the town, spending his per diem.
Strange tales are told of a shadow in the night
and the dirty dope pushers who were brought into the light.

He stalks his quarry midst the mountains and the forests
then he brings the old jailer a few more guests.
What do you do when you smell a rat?
You don’t get a puppy, you bring in a cat.

Bootleggers, window breakers, rapists, assaulters,
dope pushers, gun shooters, he never falters.
When you think he can’t find you, better look behind you,
all you Tom, Dick and Harry’s, Jim-Bobs and Walters.

As the northern lights swarm in the night above,
many a tale is told ‘round a cracklin’ stove
of the legend of the constable who might be near
while the criminal grumbles in his corner of fear.

Written by Kim E. Nay, Sr. ... circa 1986
and read at Kim’s Memorial by
Lieutenant Doug Norris on November 6, 1996

This MAY NOT be reproduced without the
express written consent of Kim Nay's estate.

This poem was used with permission through
"The Law Enforcement Page"

Alaska State Troopers - June 23rd, 1998

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