Copswives are a unique group of people. When their husbands go to work they don't say good- bye they say " I love you and I will see you when you get home" for fear if they say goodbye, it may be the last time.

When he comes home at the end of his shift, as they are hugging him they silently thank God he's home, once again safe. They listen to him as he tells about the sorrow and hate he saw that day without asking questions, knowing he just needs to vent.

They watch as this wonderful man they love so much breaks down and crys because another child has needlessly died knowing that all they can do his hold him and love him. AGAIN not asking questions or saying anything, but letting him talk.

They are unique because they learned quickly that most of your friends will be in the "Cop Circle" and adapt. They understand the mood swings, attitudes and can be very quick to let them know in a way that only they will under- stand, that the attitudes and mood swings need to be vented and dropped!

They also form a very special bond with other copswives and cops girlfriends, knowing not everyone will like everyone ... but then they are human ... But most of all the are unique because they are all copswives and that my friends takes a special person.

I know someone will read this and think its silly or stupid but it's how I feel and anyone who knows me knows I say whats on my mind and today this was on my mind ...

Thanks to all of you who support and under- stand your husbands jobs and for helping those who don't ...


South Carolina

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