Westfield Police Department, MA Dedicated to the:

Westfield Police Department (MA)

As a young child
you are attracted:
to the flashing lights,
the sound of the sirens,
the uniform and badge.

Beware young child
the lights and sirens
mean danger.
The uniform and badge
are gotten at a great price.

As an older child
you are impressed:
with the speed of the cruiser,
the D.A.R.E. officers demeanor
and the respect shown to the officer.

Beware older child
the speed of the cruiser
means danger.
The respect showed by
and to the officer
is gotten at a great price.

As a young adult
a choice must be made:
"What to be when I grow up?"
Then the memories come flooding in:
the lights, sirens, uniform and badge, the respect.
That is what you want to be:
A police officer.

Beware young adult.
The lights shine,
the sirens wail
and the cruiser speeding by
may seem neat but
they mean danger is close by.

Beware young adult.
The uniform, badge, and
respect are gotten at a great price.
decision is made.
You enter the academy
with the high hopes of youth,
eager to please and do well.
Its graduation time:
You are in high spirits.
You are now a police officer.

Beware officer.
You have the uniform,
the badge, and cruiser.
They bring danger.

The veteran.
10 years have come and gone.
You remember back to the "rookie"
years when you were so young
and innocent and did not heed my warnings.

Now you know the truth of them.
You have seen things no human
should ever see:
HOWEVER you made the RIGHT decision.

Our world is safer because of you;
there are no words that can adequately
express my thanks to you.

God bless you and keep you, ALWAYS!!


Lisa Mae Schneider

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without

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