"Dear God, I miss my Daddy"   

Dear God, I Miss My Daddy
My daddy is a policeman, he wears a suit of blue;
he didn't come home from work last night,
mommy says he's in heaven with you.

I'm worried about my daddy Lord,
he's never been away this long before;
mommy cried when she told me we that wouldn't see daddy no more
I don't know what it was that mommy was trying to explain;
she said the police were after a bad man, and somehow my daddy was slain.

Now I don't know what that means Lord, all I know is we miss daddy a lot;
because tomorrow is my birthday, and I sure hope he hasn't forgot.
Lord if my daddy is up there in heaven, please tell him as soon as he is free;
to hurry back home as fast as he can, because we miss him, mommy and me.

Thank you God,


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