"Deputy Down"    

Did you ever think, about how I felt when you left that day and gave me a kiss goodbye?

Did you know you would be back to see your wife and kids that night, or did you think you would die?

Did you love your job as much as you say, was it your life, or just your job by day

Then over the scanner that day an officer down and everyone on their way

The sheriff calls out a signal 14, and the bomb squad comes in and try's to save the day,

The bad guy goes to the car, and shoots the dog,

The Television crew is on a log,

I flip on the television and screams out loud praying and hoping you wasn’t down. I listen carefully as the news crew says there has been a shooting,

Tears start to rolls down my face, because I know all the deputies, and hope their okay, but I know one of them is down, I just don’t know how, I call up dispatch, and can’t get through

The highway patrol comes in and closes the roads while they take the deputy out the place and the dog is there too.

The deputy prays the dogs okay, and wants to know if his wife is okay.

The sheriff gets sick from being in the cold too long, its half past midnight time to go home, but they can’t go home for there is a case to solve, what happened at this house, and why did it occur, 


Lindsey Elizabeth Shaw

Law Enforcement Sheriff Cadet

Used with Special Permission of said Author
Copyright © November 22, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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