"Do You Know Me?"

Do you know me? Sure you do. I'm just a dispatcher! You know the one. The one that you talk about, the one you hate.

I'm the one who always screws up you the calls you go on, do you think I enjoy giving you incorrect information. Did you stop and think maybe the caller gave me the information wrong?

I'm the "stupid" one because I cannot hear you with your siren blaring in the background, a child on the screaming into the phone that daddy is beating up mommy, a hysterical parent whose child is on drugs or because you may just have your music up to loud and I have to ask you to repeat something. I am the one who must maintain a calm voice when inside I am feeling sick because of a hot call you are on. Trying to make out what you are saying when you are running and the adrenaline is pumping.

I am the one who understands when you reply with a smart remark or sarcasm, knowing you have a stressful job. Remember I too have a stressful job. I'm the one who, when you get in a foot chase, fight, traffic stop, domestic, person with a gun or any other call worry and am out of my seat until I hear 3 words. Central, Under Control.

I'm the one you think is Rude but you as I do must remember that even though we are not out on that call, I sometimes feel helpless not knowing what is happening with you because of radio silence due to a hot call. So I too get stressed out.

I am the one who gets to listen to my voice on the tape when you think I am being rude or didn't handle a call right. Have you ever listened to yourself? I am the one with the heart that skips a beat when you are on a traffic stop and cannot be raised on the radio.

I am the one who panics when you scream for help but I don't know where you are because YOU forgot to sign out.

I am the one who is spoken to in a hateful tone because I try to send you on a call but YOU forgot to sign out somewhere.

I'm the one who has to guess if you had time to finish a call because YOU forgot to sign back on.

Yes, I am all these things to you but remember

I am the one who feels ultimately responsible for you and have the greatest respect and concern for Law Enforcement Officers or I would not be doing this job.

I am the one who prays that each one of you go home to your families at the end of your shift!

Do you know me? I hope now not only do you know me but understand me and see me in a different light!!


South Carolina

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Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved

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