Officer Ronald W. Feldner

"For Fallen Officer Ronald W. Feldner"

New Plymouth Police Department (ID)

If I could have gotten to him and warned him in time,
If I could have seen just how it would all unfold,
If only I had been there, to do what I could.
I still don't know how it all 'went down',

Just that the culprits stole the car and almost
Got away, but for one brave officer who found them
And did his best to get them to give up, but the
Pistol that that one youth had offered too much of a

Temptation for him not to use, to try to get away
With what the three of them had done.
Make a 'clean getaway', thinking they wouldn't
Get caught, at least not twice, after they shot

That D.A.R.E Officer in the head and the chest,
Leaving him for dead. They only got so far,
Before the law brought them in, but the Officer
They'd shot, I called him Wade, his life was gone. 

Was it worth a joy ride, boys, as the shooter was
Just 14, to leave a family, a wife and 4 kids,
without Their dear loved one, so you could get your kicks?
It was a double tragedy, as ironic as it sounds,

 For Wade to lose his life and his shooter to lose his
Freedom, for the rest of his life. It just makes no
Sense when you really look at it, from all sides of
The problem. Just where were that shooter's parents?


Cynthia C

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © March 24, 2008 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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