"For My Husband" 

Elyria Police Department

Dedicated to my Husband
Michael EPD 297
Elyria (OH) Police Department

I watch him in the evening
As he’s getting dressed
I can’t help but feel so lucky
To be married to one of the best.

I know that I am biased
All police wives feel same
Blessed and Deeply honored
To carry our wonderful man's name

I try hard not to worry
But most times I do
I tell him every night “Be careful”
And always, “I Love You”

I try to make sure he knows
How proud I am of him
Always fighting the good fight
In a battle they can’t seem to win.

My heart goes out to those wives
Whose men have made that sacrifice
They promised to serve and protect
With their lives they paid the price.

I sleep in fitful dreams
Afraid I’ll get “the call”
“I’m sorry Chris. We tried our best.”
“But know Mike gave his all.”

My arms go around him
The minute he’s in the door
“Rough night hun?” I ask him
As he drops his gun belt on the floor.

No worse than yesterday.”
Is always his reply
I kiss his cheek and thank God again
It wasn’t his day to die.


Christina Tanner

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © March 22, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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