"Forever In Our Hearts"    

"The Heroes of Ground Zero
Killed at the World Trade Center,
The Pentagon and Pennsylvania

"Can't Cry Hard Enough" - A Tribute to the Victims and Heroes

United we stand
Divided we fall
What happened to one
Affected us all

We are the United States of America
We stand for freedom, liberty, and pride
As a nation we witnessed the heinous attack that Tuesday morning
And as a nation we all cried

We watched as the horror unfolded
As thousands of lives came to an abrupt end
We shed tears for all the victims
For their families, and their friends

September 11th will remain with us forever
As a grim reminder of cowardice and hate
But on that day our nation grew much stronger
As we declared that terrorism would not decide our fate

Our revenge took the form of unity
As we proclaimed that we would not be torn apart
We held our heads high
And vowed to keep those who perished, forever in our hearts


Meghan Deppenschmidt

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © September 13, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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