Stafford County Sheriff's Office

"From Your
Little Girl

~ Dedicated to my Mom and Dad ~
Craig and Barbara Howell

Mom and Dad I know sometimes you are afraid for me because of my job. Not many Mom and Dad's have to worry that, "their little girl" might not come home from work one night.

I'm sure people must ask you if you are scared for me. And I'm sure
people also ask you if you're proud of me. I know you feel both for me.

Being a Deputy Sheriff is no easy task to do what we do. We have to be brave, courageous , and heroes too.

Sometimes I'm patrolling late at night when you are in bed asleep. I'm locking up criminals and keeping drunk drivers off of the street. On occasion, I may get into a fight, or I could respond to a robbery in progress tonight.

Don't worry because when I need strength, courage, and bravery, I think of my "Mommy and Daddy" and all that you two have taught me.

I will always try with earnest to be safe, to protect me and my fellow officers. But if one night something happens, and I don't make it home. Remember that my last thoughts were lovingly of you, Mommy and Daddy; My parents who are the strongest, courageous, and bravest people I know.


Kelly Lynn Holland

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