"Guardian Angel"

Archangel Michael, patron saint of law enforcement officers
You have called into service
One very special sergeant from 
The Collier County Sheriff’s Department 
Sergeant Jeff Klein
He was a man we respected and loved 
Very much
Jeff, will make one of your finest recruits
He was a very special man 
with a warm heart and
a caring soul.

And on Sunday, May 21,2000
Jeff, was called to join you
And serve at the Lords right hand
His uniform still has the golden Deputy’s Star
On his chest
Added are silver wings and a Golden halo around his head
He no longer patrols the streets of Collier County
His new assignment is to watch over and protect
His family, friends and brother deputies from harm
And give them guidance whenever he can
Yes, on that day Jeff Klein was promoted to “Guardian Angel”
To watch over and guide us in his own special way

Even though we all miss him greatly and the loss is great
We must remember:
Jeff is never really too far away
He is as near as the memories we hold of him in our hearts.

 Written in memory of:
Sgt. Jeff Klein
ollier County Sheriff’s Department


Loretta Cox

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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