"Harold Taylor
Captain - Independence Missouri Police Department - Retired - 1982

As I sit here thinking things over tonight
I know with great certainty that something is just not right
A Great Sorrow fills our hearts today
For a wonderful man has passed away

He was a husband, a friend, a grandfather, a dad
And if he were here today, he'd tell us all not to be sad
He would tell us his life was better than he ever thought it could be
A police career, loving wife, beautiful daughter, and grand kids made it complete

He would say he had more friends than any man could wish for
And, with that, he would never want for anything more
He would tell us of all the wonderful and exciting things he had done
And of all things he did just for fun

He would tell us all that the physical suffering is gone
That he is a new man, healthy and strong
He would say to the woman he loved how happy he was that she was his wife
And what a difference she made being in his life

To his daughter he would tell her just how proud he was
And let her know she filled his heart with an unending love
And, as we say this final good bye, we know he is with Jesus
Looking over, watching, in Heaven, waiting peacefully for us.

I love you Grandpa,


May 4, 1998
(Written the night of her Grandpa's Passing)

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1998 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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