"Heaven Needed A Deputy"

It was the 19th. of April that he went away,
only one week past his 26th. birthday.
His family and friends all asked,
why a young man a deputy
so full of life
with so many things yet to experience
was taken away that day

Then this tiny voice whispered deep inside our hearts:
“God needed a young Deputy Angel in heaven
and Nick was His chosen one,
Nick is now a Deputy Angel
with wings of silver
 and his golden deputy's’ star still upon his chest
around his head was placed a golden halo band”

Yes, our loss is great,
but heaven needed a special Deputy Angel
to serve at he Lords’ right hand;
Nick was specially selected by Our Lord
As one of His Very Special Angels
that serve at His right hand.

So every night Nick looks down from the white puffy cloud
that makes his bed ,he smiles and whispers
this message to his family and friends hearts:
“ I was taken away from you only temporarily;
the Lord needed me to help here in heaven ...
Someday we will be reunited and never again have to part
until we are reunited ...
Take care and I send you all of the love
in my heart.”

Written in Memory of :

Deputy Nick Bryant
Lee County Sheriff's Department
(04-12-72   04-19-98 )


Loretta Cox

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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