"I Watch Him"

watch him as he rises before his alarm,
Another day to get ready and prepare for potential harm.

He gets out of the shower, fresh for the day,
He starts his routine, I just stay out of the way.

I watch as he pulls out his uniform of blue,
He pins on his badge, it looks shiny, but not new.

His name tag, he places perfectly straight in a line.
I watch him with pride, I'm so glad that he's mine.

On goes his belt, with necessary tools, every one,
Handcuffs, baton, extra ammo clip and gun.

He kisses me gently, caresses my face ever so sweet,
I watch him walk out the door and right out on the streets.

I pray each day, as he walks out the door
'Please God, bring him back home to me once more!'

I watch as he comes home, after an extra long day,
Weary and tired, with not much to say

Stabbings, shootings, women tormented by abuse,
There's always a bad guy out there on the loose.

He's out there to protect and serve in his town,
Ever ready to be there when a call comes down.

He is ready to give his life, for another,
Leaving behind his kids, wife, father and mother.

I watch as with pride, I'm reminded once more,
Make every moment special, before he walks out the door.

Written for Officer Terry Traub
Watsonville Police Department, California

With Love,


Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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