"I Will Come Home To You"

Dedicated to all the Officers who work
the "Graveyard Shift" with worried families

I button up my light blue shirt,
adjust my big ol’ belt.
I pin on that metal badge,
as her heart begins to melt.

She looks at me with wonder,
“Will you be home tonight?”
I answer her by saying,
“I will try with all my might.”

I get into my squad
and I slowly pull away.
She says she isn’t worried,
but I see the fear within her, everyday.

I take my calls one by one,
through out the chilling night.
I took a drunk to jail today,
he didn’t want to fight.

But in the dead of the night,
I think of her instead.
Laying there all alone,
praying I’m not dead.

Five A.M. comes around
I sign off for the day.
I go home to my sleeping dear.
This is my hard earned pay.

I start my day but once again.
She looks at me and asks.
“Will you be home tonight?”
I answer just like in the past.

The night was rough, there was a fight.
I almost lost my life.
I couldn’t help but think about,
my beautiful yet worried wife.

My shift was done,
I went on home
to see my sleeping dear.
I stand there and I see her,
laying peaceful there.

I look now, at you dear,
you know my love is true.
I will ALWAYS keep my promise.
I will come home to you.


Chris Green

Cadet ~ Hillsboro Police Department

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © October 3, 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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