"I can I am" 

Can you wake up at 5am when you worked the evening before
Can you then keep your eyes open even though your body is sore
Can you not get upset whilst patrolling your beat
When your feet are hurting and you can't stand the heat.

I can and I am.

Can you look and treat everyone the same
Can you handle it when you get the blame
Because you are supposed to always be there
When someone is suffering and in despair

I can and I am

Can you keep control when a shooting is on
When you turn up and the person's brains are gone
Can you not hold back the anger and tears
Can you not go to sleep because your full of fear

I can and I am

Can you hold a strange man in the night
When his wife has died and has taken flight
Can you tell a child, mommy has died
Can you wear that uniform full of pride

I can and I am

Can you forget the nightmares you had
of a telling a normal family that their lost Dad
Can you testify in court along side your mates
When the traffic was too bad and you were just too late

I can and I am

Can you drink so much because you had a rough 12 hour day
When people have died and crooks held you at bay
Can you look at your family and tell them why
Why you get depressed when you see a innocent person die

I can and I am

Can you watch a man waive a knife in your face
Then get sued because you used the mace
Can you wait until you get home to break down and cry
Can you imagine life's that bad you want to die

I can and I am

Can I imagine not seeing anything bad
Can I imagine never getting sad
I am a Police Officer and all this I do
I sometimes wish this wasn't me and for one day be you.

Constable Christopher Goodman

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © Thursday, 20 April 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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