"In Love with a Police Officer"

My Baby is a police officer, a sheriff none the less

He looks so good with that badge on his chest


He kisses my forehead and touches my face

Tells me he loves me and leaves at a fast pace


When he leaves my stomach aches

If something were to happen my heart would break


I hear all the time on news and TV about cops being shot

and not a lot of criminals being caught


People judge them and say they are jerks

But how would you act if you did that for work?


Cops are accused of not having a heart,

But trust me they do, I have seen one fall apart


People call them names and put them down

but when their in trouble I recall them being the first ones they want around


When the law is broken you put them at fault

don't be mad because you got caught


They do their job and do it well

Stop expecting them not to tell


You did it. No one else but you

You should never underestimate the green and blue


Cops are some of the strongest people you will ever meet

When they fall they will almost always land on their feet


Whenever you feel like bashing the badge they wear on their chest

I would be careful; you will soon realize you’re messing with the best of the best


If you want to know why I feel this way

The one I love is a cop and that he will stay


I worry about him everyday

I worry someone will take him away


I realize now that the worrying will never stop

Neither will the guns or pot


Neither will the arrest or threats

They are not even close to done yet


My favorite call of the day is "I am on my way home'

I feel so relieved when I hear that phone


If you ask me why I want this life, to worry everyday

It's simple really, I love him more then words could ever say.


The only thing I ask of him is to promise me with all his might

That he will try his hardest to come home each and every night


I am here with you until the end

I don't even have to pretend


I am so proud of what you do

It makes me proud to be with you


If anything were to ever happen to you, I’m telling you my heart would break

But believe me if it did no one could ever take your place


I Love You Chris



Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © October 30, 2007 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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