"J.C.'s Sendoff"

New South Wales Police
New South Wales Police

Inspector John Cameron
NSW Police Service

Rumor mill and jungle drum, the word has gone around,
Confirmed by Service Gazette, conversations growing loud,

You've heard?.....
J.C.'s called it a day!

Two score and seven years, of service exemplary they say,
A mountain of superannuation, to account for his final pay,

Will help......
keep J.C. on his way!

His workmates have prepared, medals and insignia on a board,
To mark a momentous decision, a gentleman falling on his sword,

A tribute....
for J.C.s lounge room wall!

Old mates for gone-by-years, men from a long broken mould,
Tales of friendship 'n' loyalty, maybe some better left untold,

Mixed emotions....
for J.C's reminisces!

For his wife and two tin lids, words of praise he has told,
For when duty made her call, a family has to bear the load,

A sacrifice....
for J.C. to repay!

Releasing the Command controls, lawn bowls and cardigans beckon,
To graze in retirement's pasture, so I think it's safe to reckon,

The old fella's club,
J.C. now has joined.


Sergeant Bryan Michael Doyle

- The Suburban Bloke -

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 9 November 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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