Lockerbie Dreams

I had another of those dreams last night
When I wake up early I'm taut with fright.
The dreams are so clear and have haunted me so long
With death, destruction and anger they carry on.

My children's faces tell me that Christmas is fun
There remains a feeling of business undone.
When Santa calls the table looks good
but I think of the carnage in the fields and the woods.

An anniversary passes unnoticed to friends
While I think of all those that met their ends.
on the 21st December nineteen eighty eight.
Is this world really so full of hate?

If I live to a hundred and go to all places
I will never forget the look on those faces.
Sheer terror is what all their expressions said
In realization that they were soon to be dead.

The relatives came. Their loss was so much
Many took solace in that little church.
Compared to theirs my hurt is so slight
Why was it Lockerbie? Why was it that flight?

I had another of those dreams last night.

(Scottish Police Officer ~ anonymous)
Official UK Police Sites

School of Law - Lockerbie Trial Briefing

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright Š ~ All Rights Reserved

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