"Loving a Police Officer"     

Watching my love put on his uniform,
I catch the glint off the badge which adorns.
Checking his gun, adjusting his belt,
Anguish begins to build like the other nights I've felt.

  I know his job is to protect and to serve,
And my mind knows good men are what the force deserves.
But selfishness enters with matters of the heart and so why him?
To put his life on the line for so many unappreciative women and men.

But that one difference is all he wants to make,
From easing some abuse to giving a lucky motorist a break.
So when his hand reaches for the door to begin his night,
Only God knows what will be his plight.

I can only hope he knows of all my love,
And in another breath say a prayer to God above.
Keep him safe as well as his other fellow brothers,
May they all return to their wives, husbands, and mothers.

But in the night I know a siren will wail,
For the call of duty will always prevail.
Injustice seems to need no rest or sleep,
But instead constantly lurks in the shadows deep.

Nothing matches the feeling at the end of his work day,
When he reaches out to touch me in the bed where I lay.
Peace reaches my soul and I thank God again
For bringing my love safely back to me, our family, and friends.

Author: Shelby

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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