"Me Minus You"

Nothing can change that one fateful night,
For once in our lives, we lost the fight.

We spoke about this, and it somehow came true.
I was hurt pretty bad, but nothing like you.

The night should have ended like the rest of them did,
With a pat on the shoulder and a farewell bid.

We didn't have a chance to say our goodbyes,
I knew you were gone when I looked in your eyes.

What brought us together is what ripped us apart.
I can't keep my mind straight, and it's hurting my heart.

From two different worlds we came to be Blue.
It's hard to move on, with me minus you.

Not much at all feels the same anymore,
Each day I wish you would walk through the door.

My wounds have all healed on the surface it's true,
Yet it tears me apart just thinking of you.

I couldn't go to your service that day.
The world's not allowed to see me this way.

You were my partner then, and my angel now.
I need to carry on, I'm just not sure how.

Give me the same strength you did here on earth.
Your weight in gold is what you were worth.

I beg you to help me from Heaven above.
Please send me a piece of your brotherly love.

Written by:

Eric DeRenzis

Philadelphia Police Department

Dedicated to partners of Fallen Officers

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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