Los Angeles Police Department "My Angel In Blue"
teven Gerald Gajda
End Of Watch ~ January 1, 1998


Police Officer II Steven Gerald Gajda

As the sun rises to greet a new day,
I pray Lord you will show me the way.

To live life with happiness and glee.
And remember the love that's inside of me.

The love I shared with my first born son.
His life was over, before it ever begun.

Two young children he had and left behind.
As a hero he died; He was one of a kind.

It's true that everyone will die someday.
But why did my son have to die that way?

First time in his uniform, I will not forget.
The day he vowed to serve and protect.

My dear Lord, this is what I beg of you.
Please watch over my Angel in Blue.


Christine Carol Hester


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Copyright © 2001 - All Rights Reserved

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