"My Dad"   

I didn't forget you dad
I'm here today
To pay tribute to your memory
On this sad day.
I can't visit your grave
It's too far away
But one day I'll see you
I wait for that day.
I know you can see me
And all that I do
I hope you are pleased
With the life that I choose.
Your memory lives on
In my heart and soul
My love for you
Will never grow cold.
On December the eighth
You reached down your hand
To help mom on her trip
To the Promised Land.
In a vision I could see
Your smiling face
As you reached for her gently
She accepted with grace.
Although you both had
Your separate lives
She with my stepdad
And you with your new wife...
You're together again
My mom and my dad
I know that you'll help her
And for this I am glad.
I go on with my life
And take it day by day
My brothers and I
Will see you both someday.
I love you dad...........
I love you mom..........
And I miss you both
But I must go on.......
©Sandy Smith
January 17, 1998
"My Dad"

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