"My Darling Dear"

My darling dear I don't think they knew
just how this would affect me and you
I'm sorry my love, I never meant for this to come
tell mi mi and pa pa I love them
for they may not understand

You've been my love, my life, my strength
the one I've promised it all to
I hope I haven't disappointed you, I hope you see the truth
you probably didn't understand
why I always said goodbye

Well this is why my darling dear
mommy's not coming home today
don't hate them, they probably didn't know
they didn't see me, they saw the blue

I lost the fight, but not the war
sometimes there's justice, sometimes there's just us
be strong my love
for God needed me for a bigger task
the one of walking the beat on heaven's streets
my brothers and sisters in blue

I hope to them you'll always be near
though we're cast scorn upon I hope you'll always see
who it is that'll give it all away ...
like I did today ...

I traded in my badge and gun today
for a pair of pearly wings
I'm so sorry
I really didn't know it'd ever come to this
but I'm sorry that it did

Hold your head up my love when they give you that splendid flag
I hope they give you my badge too, to always have it near
you've always been part of it, more so now than before
you're part of the family now my dear, the biggest family of all
the family of blue


Melissa Chappell

LEO in Lake County, Florida

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Copyright © September 23, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

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