"My Friends in Blue"

Starting at a very tender age, just five,
A man in blue (or brown, for the deputies)
Stands out from among my memories,
As the hero who was there & kept me alive.
Some names I recall, some just the blue.

 The first one I met when he parked near my home,
The day was hot, he seemingly fell asleep, but in reality
Had just passed out from a heart attack, you see.
The phone lines were busy, we had a party line,
He looked to be desperate, he needed help fast.

Not sure what to do, I climbed inside, to use his own mic,
To tell the dispatcher to send him some help, he needed EMT's.
He made it through the hospital stay alright & lucky for me
Was there to help & instruct me for many more days.
I'm very glad of that, or I might not still be here today.

 I recall the young officer, assigned to my school district,
To help curb the problems of drugs, alcohol & theft,
Plus any other crimes that occur, like smoking or skipping a class.
He had his hands full, we were an unruly bunch at that preteen age,
As young as he was, he had the patience of a saint.

 There've been many others, some I am privileged to name as a friend,
Some who've moved away & some who've passed on. So many who've
Saved me from a bad situation, stood between me & clear & present danger,
A few whose lives I tried my best to save, but in vain, as the bullets
They took found their way past their vests, leaving me with the anger,

 That there are those out there who think it their right,
To do as they please, never minding the danger, agony & loss
They cause to so many who care about others, and not just themselves.
Those who have a conscience that guides them along, the ones who care,
Who know right from wrong; that is the side, forever & always, I want to be on.


Cynthia Cunningham

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © July 8, 2007 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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