"My Husband, My Life ..."

I am proud to say I’m a Sheriff’s wife.
My prayers are many, and most are the same,
Dear Lord please be with him, as the streets are un-tamed.

Lord, Guide him and protect him, as he goes on his calls,
be his back up and armor and don’t let him fall.

His courage and faith helps to withstand the tough times,
but the horrors he sees, remain demons on his mind.

The death, the blood, the uncaring folk,
the sight’s he endures, and the pay is a joke.
The gun on his side, and the badge on his chest,
he leaves for work each day prepared to do his best.
Lord please be with him, he’s only a man,
who does work that others cannot stand.

The hours are long, sometimes a whole day,
but people who judge him have nothing good to say.
“You spend to much money, the crime rate is soaring,
we want more protection, but don’t want to pay,
you’re an elected official so do what we say”…

When he’s home safe in my arms,
my world is complete;
I cherish this man,
who still makes my heart skip a beat.

With Love to my wonderful Husband

Scott F. Howard

Sheriff of Powell County
Deer Lodge, Montana

Love Your Wife,


Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © December 7, 2007 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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