"My Man In Blue"

I love the sweet kisses you give for no reason at all;

I cant wait to hear your voice each night that you call..

I love my man in uniform he does his duty each night

But every time he leaves I stay in a state of fright

Will this be the night he doesn’t come home

What will I say when they ask why I’m all alone

I know I cant stop him and I wouldn’t want to

Cause he is the man who helps me and you

He is my man in blue…


I cant wait to see his face..

So tonight I know he’s ok…

He runs to help when he gets a call

I never ask questions I say nothing I at all…

Even though he has his family at home

And this might be the night he leaves them forever alone…

He does what he has to

And day by day we make it through…

Cause he is my man in blue…


So watch over him tonight GOD that’s all I ask..

Please don’t make him a part of my past…

I love this man with all my heart..

So please make it your duty that we never part…

But if it be your will he come home to patrol with you..

I guess I can give you my man in blue….




Amy Hamilton

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © November 2007 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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