Lt. Robert T. Hicks

"My Stone Father"

Middlesex County Sheriff's Office (VA)

To my Father:
Lt. Robert T Hicks
End Of Watch ~ May 20, 1984

As I stand here and stare and the gray deepened stone,
where so many have stood before;
I wonder about the night that he left,
and my heart sinks a little bit more.

Here he stands with a proud new face,
That even a boy can see.
Here he watches everyone pass,
and here he waits for me.

He waits and listens but says not a word,
For his days were numbered and few.
But for every eye that passes his name
Can wonder what did he do?

Why is he here? what did he do?
Why is he remembered in stone.
With the lions now standing their watch,
we wonder if he died alone.

Was he shot down in violence, or run out of luck?
Answers known only by few.
Who did he leave to carry his name,
What will his family do?

For this man has died and can never again
be brought back to these days.
His son sits at home and peers in to space
trying to just ease his pain.

He now is a name, one among few,
who gave his all to his job
And each day that passes he is remembered still
By all in this mournful mob.

As I stare into this creviced rock
where now my father stands,'
I feel a bit more honored now
for he guards a whole new land.

Now he has a harder beat,
and now his days don't end.
For each new rookie that feels alone
here he will lend that hand.

His hand is warming and gentle,
yet no one can explain.
Why he had to go that way
and why he died in vain.

Yet somehow on this dreary day
As I stand before his name,
I feel as though he is with me now
Almost as if nothing has changed.

Here he stands with honor,
and here he stands up proud;
All can come to meet this man,
The man standing in this crowd.

A crowd of names of all of those,
who gave the ultimate price.
And died protecting those of us
who take freedom as a gift in life.

A cop is one who cares for all,
Yet never receives his due.
And dies on nights when he could be at home,
but instead is out protecting you.

It's a shame that the only way
to get what he deserves,
Is to be killed in the line of duty
Only trying to protect what's yours.

But now he is remembered
On a wall that stands proud and true,
And now protects us even more
And serves everyone true and blue.


Deputy Robert T Hicks II

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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