"Next Time"  

In Memory
Constable Terry Ryan
Durham Regional Police Services
President of the Durham Regional Police Association
Durham Regional Police Service Terry Ryan, Eternal President of the Durham Regional Police Association and chairman of the Police Association of Ontario
DRPS - Serious Motor Vehicle Collision - Fatal
Toronto Sun - 'Void' left by death of officer
Durham Regional Police Association ~ Police Association of Ontario

“I got it! I got it!” is the boisterous chime,
the baseball landing merely inches from his confident glove.
Feet planted steadfast, on his mighty throne of 1st base,
You can almost hear his thoughts…”It’s just a game you gotta love.”
“I don’t got it”, he chuckles, a grin spread across his reddened face,
“It’s ok Coach!”,  I shout to him, “ There‘ll always be next time.”

 Then so suddenly and tragically, there is to be no “next time”.

No next time to share a few laughs out on the ball diamonds…
No next time for a pat on the back when we strike out, or a high five when we cross home plate…
No next time for the infamous “relay”, or double plays…
No next time to scoff at those who take the game too seriously…
No next time to proudly boast about your hockey players from your best friends teams…
No next time for that traditional greasy breakfast after a long weekend road-trip…
No next time to call for directions when you’re lost….”Can’t you see us!?”…
No next time for you to console us when a friendship has ended…
No next time for us to tease…”Just Coke??  Ya right!”…
And no next time for all to see the warmth and caring in your smiling face.

You will be dearly missed, my friend.
By the many friends and colleagues that you have gained over the years.
Not only those in the fraternity of “Blue”, but by all others who knew you too.
And most importantly, missed by your loving family, that for you sheds their tears.
For the rest who had not the pleasure of knowing you in life - ‘tis them that have truly missed out in the end.

You were a special kind of person that I considered a very special friend.
I only wish I could have told you so, before your time here did end.
The question wondered by many I’m sure, is the simple question of -  “Why?”,
I wish I could go back in time so I could have the chance to have at least said  “Good bye”.

Friends are friends – forever.  Regardless of how we part.
The joy of knowing you my friend, will forever remain in my heart.

Written by

Kim Hefferman

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © - June 1, 2002. All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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