"Not Just A Cop  

Dedicated To:

 Officer J. E. Martin
Wake Forrest (NC) Police Department

~ for my best friend ~ far in distance ~
~ always close in heart ~ love always ~

~ Rosie ~

Slowly he rises, puts his feet on the floor
and for a moment he wonders what his shift has in store.
 Just another day, its come that time
he must again face the world of crime.

Hours have passed after well earned rest,
so he takes a shower and dons his vest.
Proudly he buttons his uniform blue
tightens his belt, and laces his shoes.
Then last of all, his badge and pin
with St Michaels help he knows he will win.

He sits and waits, then comes the call 911
Fear cast aside, the fight has begun.
He drives at top speed
to help those in need
then silently prays
God be with me today.

To some it means nothing, just a fight in a bar
or to arrest a drunk driver at the wheel of a car.
A robbery gone wrong at a grocery store,
or saying, I'm sorry... you're baby's not coming home anymore.

You wonder sometimes how at night he can sleep,
after things he deals with, things he sees on the streets.

He'd jump into a house fire without second thought,
scale walls and run blocks till a suspect is caught.
Thinks nothing of wrestling a man with a gun
Yet, he's looked down upon cursed and abused by some.

Every day he will put his life on the line
to make things better for people like you.
So he's not "just a cop" but a hero to me
always my angel in blue.


~ Rosie ~

Sydney, Australia

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © February 2002 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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