"Not Just A Policeman  

Not Just A Policeman
A child sits crying; tears running down her face.
Her daddy hurt her mommy while fighting with disgrace.
She saw everything that happened; heard everything they said.
Now these scary things she heard are filling up her head.

As you walked into the house you saw her mommy on the ground;
Daddy was standing over her, but the child can't be found.
You climbed the wooden staircase, to search the second floor.
All was dark and desolate, except for a bit of light from underneath a bedroom door.

You walked into the bedroom and looked over to your right.
You saw a little child whose innocent face was full of fright.
Over in the corner she sat curled up in a ball.
She didn't quite know who you are; she didn't know at all.

You walked towards the tiny child and went down on bended knee.
Reaching out your hand you said, "I'm a policeman, why don't you come along with me."
Whimpering so softly she lets out a little yelp.
"Is my mommy OK? I heard her cry for help."

"I'll take you down to see her, and show you she's all right.
After we see your mommy we can talk about what went on tonight."
Reaching out both arms you picked up the fragile child.
Hoping not to scare her, your touch was soft and mild.

You took her down the stairs and over to her mom.
You told her what was going to happen, your voice serene and calm.
She held on to you tightly as the medics drove away.
She tried hard not to cry, but you told her it was okay.

Every time you spoke to her your voice had a gentle tone.
You held her in your arms, as if she were your own.
She put her head down on your shoulder and whispered a "Thank you" in your ear.
"You helped me with the scary stuff and took away my fear."

You tell her it's your job to help and that whenever she gets scared again,
to remember that you are not just a police man, but you are also her friend.


Meghan Deppenschmidt

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © January 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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