"One Officer Less" 

In Memoriam:

Sergeant Carlton "Dan" Jenkins

Killed on Duty ~ August 2000
Camden County Sheriffs Office

I think about your senseless death and anger flares my soul
I think about the family you left, the tears in your children’s eyes
I can still feel the loss emanating from the Officer’s standing side by side
Tears streaming down their cheeks, for once not held back
A senseless death, so much pain
Why does the murderer live and we carry you to your cold, dark grave?

I watch as they carry your flag draped coffin
Honor Guards lining the way
Standing in rows, beside and behind were men and women with badges and stars upon their chests
We all came to say goodbye and mourn the loss of our Brother
Does God need Police Officer’s in Heaven?

Some day, your family and friends will look upon your memory and smile
Though at first they could only cry
They will remember that wry sense of humor and your easy smile
You had such a great sense of pride in what you did
You wore your badge and uniform with honor and integrity,
Which still shows through those you have trained and your family and friends

Standing in rows beside and behind
Hands saluting your passing
Badges and Stars shining brightly on their chests
They stood proud and tall for you
Yet for once, their tears fell with the rest
Some were there to say goodbye to a Father, a Husband, a Brother and Friend

The bag pipes played "Amazing Grace"
The Thin Blue Line closed it’s ranks with one Officer less
All this happened as we escorted you to your final rest

Goodbye Brother, God Bless
All Officer’s, Order Arms
"1111 Camden, 10-7, 10-42. Ending tour of Duty."


L. Buchanan

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © September 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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