Capitol Police - Washington, DC "My Dad, Our Hero"  Police Poems - Our Dad, Our Hero - Capitol Police, Washington, DC

A Tribute to Fallen Officers
With Special Dedication to the families of:
~ Officer Jacob Chestnut ~
~ Special Agent John Gibson ~
Capitol Police ~ Washington, District of Columbia

A gentleman offered this statement
as they laid my dad to rest,
"Today your dad's a Hero son,
and truly nothing less!"

Into his eyes I peered,
as the tears rolled gently down.
My response was kind and simple
the only words that could be found.

My dad was an officer
and a Hero every day.
He made this world a safer place
for you and me to stay.

A Hero who sadly offered
the news too hard to give.
A Hero who prevented tragedy,
allowing us to live.

A Hero you asked directions from
when lost or out of town.
A Hero who aided those in need,
allowing ease to get around.

A Hero who returned your child
when danger threatened near.
A Hero who protected freedom
so we'd have less to fear.

Yes, my dad was a Hero sir,
which he showed in every way.
But, today he is a Hero sir,
because of the price he had to pay.


Tammi James Kantola

Daughter of a Retired Michigan State Police Detective

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1998 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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