I had all kinds of partners, but none can compare
To the last one I had, with the strange looking hair
We rode the squad car together day after day
But never a bad word did I hear him say

I would always be talken and sometimes be bitchen
He never interrupted… he’d just sit there and listen
Then when I was all done and wanted a reply
He’d give me an answer with just the look in his eye

I always kid him and say that he’s not so smart
But he’d blow me away when he showed me his art
He would see things that to me just were not there
He would come up with clues seemingly out of mid air

At the end of each day when it was time to go home
I’d ask him to come with me so I would not be alone
He never said no he was always right there
For all kinds of emotions only partners could share

We worked hard for each other but we really had fun
We’d work out together then we’d go for a run
If I were down in the dumps he’d bring me up without fail
With just a lick of my face… and a wag of his tail….

Yeah that was my partner… mans best friend
A K-9 named Trooper and he was to the end
Well I will have others… they’ll come and they’ll go
But in my book it’s Trooper… who wins top of the show!


Marc A Turner

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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