"The Passing

I am not dead, I did not die,
I only passed from earth to sky.
From dark to light, my soul took flight,
Beautiful here, a wondrous sight.

The face of Jesus I can see,
Happy I'll be when you're with me.
The grief you feel will soon subside,
And in it's place in you abide.

Belief that I'm free from pain,
And joy that I am well again.
The sweetness of the times we shared,
The laughter, and tears together paired.

The dreams we dreamed, the prayers we prayed,
The "I love you's" so often said.
These memories ne'er fade away,
But grow brighter as day by day.

God gives you grace to bear the dross,
'till rejoined because of the cross.


Mrs. Kenneth Shipp

Special Thanks to Herb and Nancy Glynn
for giving this poem to me to use.

There is a "Plan" which will unite us with our love ones!

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