"Running Guard"

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When the lights go dim and security fails
        the wolves are aroused; the sirens, they wail.
    My brothers in blue
        on patrol in the night…
        remain ever true-prepared for the fight!
    We act as the watchdogs, maintaining the guard
        pursuing the wolves, as they run through the yard.

But we started in gray

        just rookies and kids.

    My fellow recruits,

        “remember your lids!”

    The DI's would yell

        in our personal spaces-Academy Hell

        as we beat our red faces.

    “Walk with a purpose!. drop it-push it-don’t swear!

        Line up for inspection-like you got a pair!”


We maintained our bearings,

        as we sweat on the hill,

    running in cadence…and then we were still.

        "Sit down-now adjust!”

        Sergeant Hazard commands…

    “Stand up at attention-and don’t play with your hands!”

        But we started to get it…

        and we now understand.


We may nip at our own

        to straighten the pack,

        but when push comes to shove-we will cover your back!


So run on my brothers

        on into the night .

    Stand firm with your values,

        prepared for the fight!



Recruit Bob DeYoung
President, Class 2/06

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © December 26, 2006 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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