Santa Barbara County Probation Department Since I Was Eight Santa Barbara Police Department

When I was eight I always told,
            I knew what I’d be when I grew old;
The “Man in Blue,” the authority figure,
            who you could talk to and admire.
All those cop shows glorify,
            catching and arresting the bad guy;
The car chase and shooting scenes,
            in which the “Man in Blue” always gleams;
It seemed so real on TV,
            I was just too young to see.

Now that I’m older and attained my dreams,
I’ve lived a variety of those scenes;
On TV, you just don’t feel the hurting parent,
            who just lost their daughter in an accident;
Or feel the rush as you respond to a hot call,
            to find out it was nothing at all;
Or the routine stop that turned into a nightmare,
            which, when it was over you thanked God he was there.
All the roles we must play, you’ve come to depend,
            a few to mention; mediator, counselor and friend.

Encountering the bad side of things as each day goes by,
            you look around wondering, how come and why!
Until I hung up my uniform at the end of one day,
            and remembered a small boy who smiled my way;
I realized the good in this uniform of blue,
            and the type of person who dares to wear it, too;
The troubles in this world’s so small,
            when you have “Men in Blue” to see you through it all!
So this pride I’ve felt is really great;
            through the years, Since I Was Eight!


 Officer Mark D. Grunewald
Santa Barbara Police

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2008 - All Rights Reserved

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