A young child,
 is wandering around,
looking for mommy and daddy.
You see them,
while driving around,
you are not on duty,
yet you stop,
and help reunite a family.

A person is weaving,
around the road,
you stop them,
for drunk driving.
They fail the roadside test,
and you arrest them.
What you didn’t see,
was an elderly person,
walking across the street,
around the bend.
If it weren’t for you,
They might be dead.

A person has left the ER,
dressed in a johnny,
 heading for a bridge,
wanting to die.
You stop them,
and talk them into going back.
They may not realize it,
at the time,
but you did them a great service,
and they will realize it,
once they get better.

You help people all the time,
some do not notice right away,
but that does not mean,
they are not thankful.
Even some of those that you arrest,
are thankful in the end.
Please, Please,
Continue to help us,
we may not seem grateful,
at the time,
but truly we are.
Do not be discouraged,
keep your chin up,
and know that we,
appreciate you tremendously.


Lisa Mae

Dedicated To:
Officer August "Augie" Tefts

End Of Watch ~ December 23, 2005

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2004 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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